Why Publish a Variety of Media Options?

I come across too many sites and blogs that are usually very text heavy. Here are my thoughts on this:

Different buyers have different content consumption preferences. Even one unique buyer may have different preferences at different times. Personally, there are times I like to read, other times I like to listen (especially in my car, during air travel or my walks) and other times I like to watch videos and process visuals (diagrams) and such. Podcasts and videos, from my perspective, are simply a different and effective flavor of delivery of content.

Finally, and probably most importantly as I’ve been saying this for years, I highly recommend you start thinking about leveraging your content beyond your own site. So the obvious for example are videos not only on your site, but on YouTube and other possible platforms such as Vimeo, Viddler and others. And of course audio podcasts on iTunes, which has become one of the largest repositories of remarkable content. This increases your body of work AND the potential for others to “discover” you first on these platforms.

And finally, finally, I rather read a blog that has good content with a variety of interesting media options (text articles, podcasts, videos, process visuals, and images) rather than lengthy text only.

Question for you: What do you do to make your content interesting and worth reading, listening to or watching? Please leave your comment here

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