Where to Find Your Clients Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 384

Last week I shared with you the 30 Questions to Identify Your Ideal Client which generated tremendous feedback and interest from you.

Today, I want to dive deeper and help you discover where to find these clients?

To do so here are the additional questions I would highly suggest you ask to uncover the answers and then follow my recommendation for each:

  1. What social media groups such as Facebook and LinkedIn or special forums or membership sites do they belong to?
    My recommendation: Join these groups, participate in their discussions and become a voice of authority. Also, get to know the group owners and moderators and help them increase their success.
  2. What podcast channels do they listen to?
    My recommendation: connect with the owner of these channels and suggest you become a guest on their show. Also, invite them to be a guest on your show and recommend they share with their audience as well. 
  3. What YouTube channels do they follow?
    My recommendation: similarly, to the podcast insights above, do the same with the owners of these channels to become a guest on theirs and invite them to be a guest on yours.
  4. What blogs do they read?
    My recommendation: Follow these blogs, pay attention to what they publish and how they target their audience. Contact the blog’s owner and suggest you become a contributor to their blog. Also, invite them to a stimulating conversation with you and post the highlights of this conversation on your own blog. 
  5. Who are the thought leaders they follow?
    My recommendation: Follow these leaders, connect with them and have them become a guest on your various shows so you may then share and publish on your YouTube channel, Podcast channel, Blog, and Newsletter.
  6. What publications do they read?
    My recommendation: Subscribe or follow these publications, contact their editors and submit your provocative content to be published. 
  7. What events (live and virtual) do they attend?
    My recommendation: Become a contributor or a speaker at these events.
  8. What societies or special organizations do they belong to?
    My recommendation: Become a contributor to their newsletters, speak at their events, use your talents and expertise to help these societies and organizations and their members. 

How would you describe and identify your own preferences and answers to these questions? There is tremendous knowledge and intelligence hidden in your own answers to these questions than you may realize.

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