Where Are You Going? Reflections from 2018 Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 314

Another year has ended as we embark on a new one with unknown challenges, adventures and opportunities. As I reflected, here are my top six insights corresponding to each month of the year. Stay tuned to next week when I will share my next six insights:

  1. Creating our global digital empires® start with the commitment of sharing our valuable insights, the discipline to take action and do it often, while leveraging a variety of publishing platforms to engage our audiences. Some of my clients have done an extraordinary job creating, strengthening and growing their remarkable content, offerings and business.

    What steps should you take this year to significantly grow your digital empire and its effectiveness?

  2. We are not immune from escaping challenges. I’ve experienced it personally and observed it happening to family, friends, colleagues and clients. I’ve concluded that the keys to get through and overcome such are: developing our strong mindset, learning to become resilient, creating a support system, having a plan B and even C, raising our sense of gratitude, and realizing that most challenges are often opportunities for growth.

    What can you do to become more resilient and prepared for the unexpected?

  3. Collaboration with others has the potential of expanding your business exponentially. Whether inviting others to contribute to your newsletters and podcast channel or being invited to be a guest contributor on theirs. What about the possibilities of penetrating new global markets by partnering with others and complementing your offerings?

    Who in your network should you collaborate with and who outside your network should you meet?

  4. Identifying the attributes of your best clients and prospective clients and focusing on attracting only these type clients to work with will transform your life and business. Here are the attributes of my best prospective clients.

    Have you identified the attributes of your best clients and have you committed to only partner and serve these type clients?

  5. Your biggest competition is you and your negative thoughts and lack of action towards your goals and dreams of achievement. One of the effective ways I have found to eliminate inertia is to surround yourself with those, genuinely interested in your success, who will push you beyond your comfort zone. The other way is to identify challenges that will get the momentum going to incorporate your passions, gifts and value.

    What is the first and most important thing you will do today to create the highest impact for you and your clients?

  6. For many of us, entrepreneurs, the lines of demarcation between work and pleasure are blurry. Since I love what I do, and as long as I can remember, work has never felt like work and therefore I could easily find myself devoting many hours to working on projects. A few years ago, I realized, perhaps what’s obvious to all of you, that discovering a new hobby, a cause I believe in, or a new learning that is outside my area of work expertise has enriched my life beyond my expectation. I refer to this as growth opportunities for the heart.

    What new developmental experiences should you explore to become the music for your heart?

Take a moment to reflect on your 2018 and identify your key challenges, insights and opportunities. What have you learned? Where will you go now? Would love for you to share.

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