What’s Your Transformation? Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 224

Earlier today, I was reflecting on a powerful concept that has greatly influenced my life and business over the years: Transformation. Every day, I strive to bring transformation to my clients, enabling them to improve their businesses, change their lives, and ultimately reach their dreams. I also constantly think about my own transformations: How I can transform the world around me for the better, and how I can transform myself and my business to keep on the cutting-edge of thought leadership.

Throughout the years, I’ve noticed some common “transformation” themes among entrepreneurs, companies, and colleagues I’ve worked with. Here are 8 of the most powerful ways that people seek to find—and create—transformation in their lives and businesses:

  1. They want to attract more clients so they can transform the lives of more people.
  2. They want to increase their global reach to share their wisdom, knowledge, and expertise with more of the world.
  3. They want to increase their revenues and profits to transform their business into a stronger, more impactful company.
  4. They want to create a “dream life” for themselves and their families, and live remarkable new experiences, every day.
  5. They want to achieve the freedom to do what they want, when they want, where they want—both for themselves, and for their clients.
  6. They want to transform into tomorrow’s thought leaders, sought-after experts, and innovators.
  7. They want to gain financial security and independence, not just for their own sake, but also so they can contribute to great causes they believe in.
  8. They want to transform the world so that it’s better off than when they got here.

Some of these might seem like pipe dreams—but why not play big? Who are you to stand in your own way, when you could be fulfilling your amazing potential to impact others? Don’t be the greatest obstacle to your own success, and the success of those around you.

The first step to achieving great transformation? Get rid of the fear and anxiety of asking people for referrals and introductions, and start striving for your dreams. Don’t think about it as asking people for their business—think about it as sharing your incredible value with as many people as you can. You have a responsibility to help your clients transform into the people they want to be.

Are you ready for a transformation? It’s time to think about all the ways you want to help others transform—and how you can transform yourself—for the better.

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