What’s Your Purpose and Your Passion?

While attending Alan Weiss’s Million Dollar Club in St. Lucia a couple of years ago, one of our group members turn to me and said: “I figured out your purpose here on earth, Chad.” I realized that what is about to come out of his mouth better be good.

He then said: “Your ability to quickly frame the issues and ask us provocative questions is remarkable. Why don’t you create a new offering that allows you to partner with your clients, so you may pull out of their heads their amazing content, wisdom, experience and expertise? This way you’d be able to create a variety of offerings for your clients such as: articles, podcasts, vidoes, booklets, books, process visuals and other products and services. By doing so you’d be able to improve their business, your business, their clients’ business and the world. This could be your legacy!”

“Wow!” I said.

I’ve thought about this for quite some time as I have come to realize that the most powerful and successful global thought leaders do the following:

  • They are prolific publishers of powerful content.
  • They have their content presented and available in a variety of formats such as: articles, position papers, checklists, surveys, process visuals, audio and video options.
  • They have products available such as: eBooks, booklets, books, CDs, audio books, teleseminars, webinars, workshops and more.
  • They provide remarkable value that manifests itself through their unique intellectual property.
  • They productize and monetize their business.
  • They leverage many aspects of technology and the Internet to the highest level of success.

So back in July of last year I launched the Digital Empire Creation program to help my clients strengthen their thought leadership. The success has been remarkable and I will shortly start to share with you some examples of the amazing content creation I am doing with my clients.

Stay tuned!

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