What’s Your Legacy? Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 183

This week’s reflection point: How will future generations remember you? This is a question many people are too afraid to ask themselves—and as a result, they avoid creating a lasting legacy for themselves and their businesses.

I recently came across a quote that went something like this: “Are you going to be one of the many people who coast through life, their genius always sleeping within them?”

So why not awaken the genius inside you and share it with the world? After all, we have an obligation to share our knowledge, wisdom, and experience with future generations.

Quite a few of my clients tell me, “I’m not sure my content is good enough to share with others. I’m just not qualified enough.” Even some of my clients who have earned their PhDs make statements like this! It’s called the “imposter syndrome” when people feel they’re about to be “found out” as under-qualified or incompetent. And, in my experience, it’s one of the most widespread disguises of talent in the business world.

When it comes to leaving a lasting legacy for future generations, I urge you to defeat the “imposter syndrome” and recognize that your wisdom can truly benefit those around you. Next, you must commit to sharing your expertise with the world. Don’t distract yourself with things that won’t impact other people; focus on business ventures and activities that will leave a lasting impression on those who come into contact with them—whether today or decades from now.

While it may be challenging to create remarkable content and share your wisdom with the world, it’s imperative if you want to create a legacy for yourself and your business. I recently heard this amazing quote by Dr. Martin Seligman: “Resilience is twice as important as talent or IQ.” If you’re resilient—if you commit to consistently putting your ideas out there—then you’ve already fulfilled the most important aspect of creating a lasting legacy.

So, how can you start building your legacy for future generations? The key is to start small. A few words can become a powerful tweet; a collection of tweets can become a great blog post; a few blog posts can become an outstanding e-book; a collection of e-books can transform into a print book. It all starts with just a few words. Don’t be overwhelmed by the daunting task of building a legacy. Start small and watch as you organically grow your digital empire that shares your genius with the world.

This week’s tip: Start small today to build a lasting legacy for future generations. Conquer the “imposter syndrome” by committing to sharing your wisdom with the world.

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