What’s On My Mind? Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 211

In my previous newsletter, I asked you what’s on your mind. I received quite a lot of great feedback while some inquired as to how I answered these questions. Here are my replies to the points from last week:

  1. If being world-class level was easy, everyone would then be doing it. The three initiatives you are working on right now to create world-class results are…
    1. Developing our new digital empire creation online product and launching it this quarter.
    2. Attracting new strategic speaking opportunities.
    3. Create relationships with some of the top thinkers / thought leaders in the world.
  2. The best in the world set no more than three major initiatives and devote their entire uninterrupted energy to executing and completing them before committing to new initiatives. Your three major initiatives are…
    1. Finalize and create the video scripts for my new online digital empire creation product.
    2. Create the actual online product and its web presence.
    3. Launch and market the product.
  3. Celebrate the completion of key initiatives and accomplishments with your spouse, partner, team and clients. Your next celebration will be…
    1. The launch of our new product this quarter.
  4. Small improvements executed over time become outstanding results. The three improvements you are focusing on right now are…
    1. Major upgrade to my nutrition, exercise and health.
    2. Continued commitment to taking massive action.
    3. Focus on creativity and innovation.
  5. Surround yourself with people, environment and experiences that inspire you to become a better version of who you are. Name such person, environment and experience…
    1. Brendon Burchard – High performance academy
    2. Jeff Walker – Product Launch Formula
    3. Michael Hyatt – 5 Days To Your Best Year Ever
    4. Robin Sharma – The Game Changer’s Blueprint
  6. The best in the world bring extraordinary levels of energy to their personal and business lives. The energy level you should bring into your life and business is…
    1. That intentional level of creating amazing, excellence and extraordinary breakthrough results and creativity to our work.
    2. Push and challenge myself beyond my comfort level.
    3. My calendar has become my digital accountability partner to push my initiatives forward to reach my dreams.
  7. Stop talking about what you will do and just do it. It will be done by…
    1. April 1, 2017.
  8. Deliver transformational growth value and results to your clients and they will fall in love with you. Such examples are…
    1. Creation of powerful web presences.
    2. Expanding intellectual property and content creation.
    3. Increasing global reach and thought leadership.
  9. Our kids often teach us the lessons we need to Learn. Several such lessons are…
    1. No fear of failure and remarkable tenacity to try different routes.
    2. Open mind to enthusiastically discover and learn new things.
    3. It’s ok to be silly at times.
    4. The ultimate love.
  10. Habits create our results. To increase your success 10x, the habits you need are…
    1. Generate massive amounts of continual energy.
    2. My key initiatives take top priority over anything else.
    3. Adapt the mindset of: Discard first, delegate or outsource next, then schedule and execute.

Answer these questions, act and if you are up to it, please share with me.

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