What Is Your Blog Good For?

So what is your blog good for? Here are some ideas: It …

  1. Enables you to publish your knowledge and wisdom for others to benefit from.
  2. Allows you to promote and refer to it on your web site and newsletter and reference interesting threads.
  3. Makes it easy for your visitors to subscribe so they may automatically receive your posts via RSS feed.
  4. Gives you the flexibility to react to other blogs, news, current events and interesting posts.
  5. Lets you promote your products, services, speaking engagements, articles and white papers.
  6. Entices others to engage in a conversations and debates with you and others.
  7. Positions you as an object of interest, an expert in your field and have other bloggers and web sites refer to your blog and posts.
  8. Makes it easy to summarize your presentations and email the notes to attendees prior and after your event.
  9. Creates the tool to allow the discipline to produce content to strengthen your brand and marketing gravity.
  10. Evolves into a repository of interesting information – a knowledge base.
  11. Sharpens your knowledge as you focus on developing and delivering interesting, new and valuable content.
  12. Becomes fun as it evolves and once successful creates a community around your work.
  13. Permits you to capture your clients’ questions and respond by writing a new post or refer to an old one.
  14. Expands your network to reach out to clients, prospects, colleagues and business partners while allowing them to reach out to their network featuring your wisdom.
  15. Pushes the envelop by augmenting the written words and creating additional channels of delivery methods such as audios and videos.
  16. Strengthens your Internet strategy by adding another domain that creates content for Google and other search engines to find and index.

What are your thoughts?

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