What Are Your Rituals? Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 226

I was recently asked by one of my mentoring clients what are my success rituals. As I reflected on the question I’ve come to realize that repetitive behaviors performed over time often become a habit. That habit, if positively channeled, can then evolve into a ritual that would impact the quality of our life and success.

It became apparent to me that when I am in control of my mornings, I am then able to set the productive and enjoyable tone for the rest of my day, control my day and navigate towards my desired goals.

Here are my typical morning rituals:

  1. Wake up early after typically a great night of sleep. This usually is between 6 and 7AM and I often beat my iPhone alarm.
  2. Cleanse myself. You know, the usual brushing of teeth and washing. (I know this borders on TMI but I promised to share my rituals).
  3. Drink lots of water.
  4. Do my aerobic (6 days a week) and weight (3 days a week) workout routines. There are days that I do it in the afternoon but I usually prefer to do it in the morning.
  5. Take a shower and get ready mentally for another great day.
  6. Have a healthy breakfast, take my supplements, drink much water and prepare my cappuccino.
  7. Stimulate my mind with reading or listening or watching a great video, thinking and reflection time and journaling.
  8. Review my top goals, projects and commitments for the day that I will execute.
  9. Go and make it another amazing day!

I am curious what your rituals are and how you leverage them for success. My best learning comes from you and I would love for you to share. Post on my blog or wherever you see this on social media or send me an email. Thank you!

I view morning rituals as the compass and oxygen that guide and propel us to move through our day with enthusiasm, energy and passion to achieve our goals.

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