We’re Going on a Treasure Hunt Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 382

“We’re Going on a Treasure Hunt.”

Remember that song we used to sing to our kids?

For me, that song represent the innovative mindset that helps craft life and business extraordinary adventures and experiences.

I love creating and experiencing adventures in my life and business. Some of my best memories, remarkable experiences and successes stem from such adventures. Some are serendipitous while others are planned or as I like to often view them as experiences of planned serendipity.  

Three years ago, when writing my article Are You Creating Adventures in Your Life? I’ve shared five ways to adopt your adventure mindset as I concluded that doing so will help push the boundaries while expanding the landscape of your life and work.

Although I believe in planning and taking action towards our goals, I love my freedom to do things on the spur of the moment and let my spirit and inspiration move me at times.

Here are 10 of such examples experienced and observed by my clients and me:

  • Going to photograph when the spirit moves us
  • Getting in the car and exploring new places or booking a trip to an exotic place
  • Taking hikes in new destinations
  • Writing the first chapter in our new book
  • Connecting with someone who fascinates us
  • Doing something outside our comfort zone that makes us a bit nervous
  • Teaching or learning a new subject
  • Camping out in our backyard
  • Reaching out to some of our clients and offering them a new growth opportunity
  • Taking on a new physical, intellectual or inspirational experience

Are you sold yet on this idea? If so, what adventures are you creating in your life and business?

Adventures are all around us. We just need to dream bigger, embrace them, surround ourselves with people who elevate our adventurous mindset and pay better attention to our creative surroundings. Consequently, the hunt for life and business treasures manifests itself through our adventures, and when discovered become our abundance.

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