Wasting Your Time on Social Media vs. Investing Time in Publishing

Drum roll, please: We now have a five-day week on a conventional 40-hour basis with about 13 hours engaged in what is somewhat inappropriately termed “social media.” I understand that those hours may well extend into evening or early morning time. On the basis of a 40-hour week, that’s 33 percent devoted to this stuff; but even on the basis of a 12-hour day, the percentage is 22 percent.

If you were devoting less than half those 13 hours, say, six hours, to other professional marketing pursuits, I estimate you could do any one of the following during that week:

• Write two to three chapters of a book.
• Create and post 10 to 12 position papers on your website.
• Call, at a moderate pace, to follow up with 30 past clients and/or warm leads.
• Send out a dozen press releases.
• Engage in a full day of self-development or a workshop.
• Create three speeches or a complete multi-day workshop.
• Create a new product to be sold on your website.
• Create, and develop a marketing plan for, a teleconference.
• Create and record three podcasts.
• Create and tape a video.
• Contact 30 prior clients for testimonials, referrals, or references.
• Attend two networking events.
• Create and distribute two newsletters.
• Complete at least half of a professional book proposal for an agent.
• Respond to 50 or more reporters’ inquiries on, say, PRLeads.com.
• Seek out two high-potential pro bono opportunities.
• Contact and follow up with five trade associations for speaking opportunities.

You get the idea. Don’t forget, in my unscientific analysis, I’ve halved the hours I think are really being invested in full-fledged social media activity based on an already conservative estimate of what they truly are. And I’m not even counting other networks or platforms, just the four I’ve mentioned.

And over the course of a couple of months, you can easily do ALL of the bullet points, if you have a mind to do so. I’m just allocating six hours a week, just over an hour a day.

This is an excerpt from my new book Million Dollar Web Presence Leverage the web to build your brand and transform your business, which I coauthored with Dr. Alan Weiss and published by Entrepreneur Press.

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