Under Construction / Coming Soon – Who Are You Kidding?

I don’t get the thinking with web sites that incorporate the concept of “Under Construction” or “Coming Soon” pages. Some sites I visit incorporate these pages to attempt and let us know that these pages are going to be released soon. Some do that on their home page thus suggesting that the entire site will be launched soon. When I see such pages here is what crosses my mind:

  1. You are wasting my time navigating your site, thus aggravating me.
  2. You are telling me that you are unable to meet your own deadlines and finish your commitments.
  3. Marketing your own company is not a priority for you.
  4. The methods you and your Webmaster are using are amateurish.
  5. There is a good chance these pages will never change.

Here are my recommendations:

  1. Finish developing all the content necessary for all pages on your site and only then should you launch your site.
  2. Eliminate all pages from your site that content is not ready yet.
  3. If you can commit and guarantee that the pages or your entire site will be available on a certain date, it is ok to announce the following: “Thank you for visiting this page, please check back on xx/xx/xx when this page will be launched.”

The examples below not only illustrate my points above, but they also demonstrate business negligence. These pages have been there for over a year. I suggest they either take the page or site down or complete writing the content.

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