Top Technology Challenges for Small Business

Over the years I’ve worked with hundreds of clients to help improve their technology. Here are their top challenges:

  1. Lack of effectively using technology to communicate with their customers, partners and staff
  2. The need to constantly balance between implementing cutting-edge technology vs. using outdated technology
  3. The need to continually improve the skills set of their technical team
  4. The need to effectively train staff on new technology (hardware & software) and find the balance between lack of proper training vs. too much training
  5. Do it in-house vs. outsource domestically or even internationally
  6. Figuring the “right” technology to implement vs. going on a goose chase to accommodate someone’s limited knowledge or subjective preferences
  7. Leveraging technologies for dramatic success vs. a time drain for all
  8. Minimizing or eliminating inside or outside vulnerability
  9. Making sense of too many options
  10. Knowledge management to make sure it does not evaporates when someone steps out
  11. Technology is not an enabler to support business growth and the strategy
  12. High tech, low touch
  13. Letting technology replace the human touch
  14. Letting humans perform tasks better suited for technology
  15. Not planning for the future

What have you seen as the top challenges out there?

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