Time for Instantiation Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 303

Photo by: Chad Barr

One of my favorite words is instantiation or to instantiate. Its meaning is to make the complex simple. My opinion is that we are all guilty (self included) at creating too much complexity in our life and business. Occam’s Razor theory suggests that of any set of explanations for an event occurring, it is most likely that the simplest one is the correct one.

I work with some of the smartest individuals in the world. Yet, one of the key challenges they face and struggle with is how to take their ideas, experiences and wisdom, stored in their heads, and convert them into their intellectual property that manifests itself it in a variety of media formats. Although, for many, this seems almost as an insurmountable mountain to climb, by taking baby steps the solution becomes rather simple:

  • Write down your succinct insights as bullet points. You may then post them on the various social media platforms or as tweets.
  • Combine multiple insights or tweets into a logical sequence and create a bulleted or a numeric checklist.
  • Add an opening and a concluding paragraph and you now have your article ready to distribute.
  • Choose some of your insights, articulate and add further explanation to each by using examples, experiences and your opinion, and you now have created your position or research paper. You may even complement this further by adding your diagrams and visuals.
  • There is a hidden treasure in your pithy insights that many can become the topic of another unique article, position paper or even your next book or workshop.
  • Select and organize multiple articles in a logical order and you have now created an eBook or a book for you to publish.
  • This book can then be positioned and transform itself into a live workshop or an online course where each chapter can become a separate module and each sub-chapter becomes a segment in that module.

Through the power of instantiation, sharing your intellectual property and taking action, you are now well on your way to create and strengthen your digital footprint and global thought leadership.

No matter where you are in your journey for Creating Global Digital Empires® and for impacting the world, there should always be room for Raising the Barr®.

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