The Pacifier Effect Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 186

This week’s reflection point: Have you noticed how most babies get immediate gratification when that pacifier is placed in their mouth? I believe this early habit contributes to shape one’s mindset, which continues into adulthood.

Over the years, I’ve observed that quite a few individuals look for what I call the “pacifier effect” or the silver bullet approach. Like babies demanding their pacifiers, adults too (some are clients of mine) search for immediate gratification and especially when things are not going well. Want more proof? All you have to do is walk into a Casino or notice the long lines at the lottery kiosks. These people are hoping for that instant prize that will immediately solve their problems, and fulfill their needs.

The danger is when I see individuals begin to doubt themselves and the value they bring to their clients because one of their prospects is not returning their calls or has just rejected a proposal.

Can you achieve immediate success? Of course you can. It requires patience, resilience and the trust in yourself. Then when success appears, rejoice and leverage it. Because when done right, it brings more success with it creating the ultimate “pacifier effect” — lifelong transformational success.

This week’s tip: Identify the one thing you will do this week that has the remarkable potential to transform your life and those you care about. Now go and start executing.

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