The Million Dollar Consulting® accelerant curve

You create intellectual property, which generates credibility, which creates prospect interaction, which gains trust, which produces new business, from which you can generate new intellectual property. This sequence is accelerated by a credible website that is visitor-friendly and buyer-oriented.

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As you can see in the “accelerant curve” illustrated above, your offerings should range from low barrier to entry (free downloads, inexpensive books) at a “competitive” position, through distinct (teleconferences, workshops), and on to breakthrough (individual coaching, trademarked approaches), and finally your unique vault (retainers, licensed intellectual property).

“Bounce factors,” such as books or online forums, allow your buyers to accelerate their relationships with you. When you have a strong brand, “parachute business” may enter directly into the right side of your curve, where higher fees and lower labor intensity actually coincide!

This is an excerpt from my new book Million Dollar Web Presence Leverage the web to build your brand and transform your business, which I coauthored with Dr. Alan Weiss and published by Entrepreneur Press.

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