The iPad Revolutionary Future Redux

I recently wrote about the revolutionary upcoming launch of the new iPad. I have also come across quite a few articles claiming this iPad is not yet sophisticated enough or not ready to replace the laptop technology. I suggest you do not underestimate this revolutionary device and I also recommend some patience as I don’t expect all the remarkable future features to be available in version 1 fo this iPad. I predict revolution through evolution. Apple will set the new standard as they keep evolving this platform just as they have done with the iPod and iTune and iPhone and many other iProducts.

It is ONE more tool available for you to consider. There are tasks I prefer to do on my powerful Mac Pro desktop and there are tasks I prefer to do on my Mac Book Pro laptop.

Here are just a few examples why this iPad is superior to what you are used to right now:

1. This is going to be a new touch experience for everyone which is not suitable for your desktop or laptop.
2. I don’t load and play games on my desktop or Laptop. I will on my iPad which was designed for it and will make this an amazing experience.
3. I don’t read books on my desktop or laptop. I will on my iPad which will also make this an amazing experience for me. Multiple books available at my fingertips. Built-in dictionary with a simple click. Search for a word and find where else it appears in the book.
4. Reading newspapers will also be a superb experience.
5. Applications will quickly become available (already are) which are NOT available for your laptop and desktop.
6. I am sure I will quickly adjust to the virtual keyboard and become quite productive using it.
7. For me, the weight and size are just perfect to carry into a presentation or a meeting.

I predict that when version 2 comes out, it will most likely replace my laptop. Until then, just one more tiny device in my Chadology bag which will take less space and weigh less than my 4 books I carry. The world has become an “instant” demand world. Just as we can now get our music of choice and listen to it within a few minutes, we can now leverage such technology to quickly download a book and read it within minutes. Although I would most likely wait for the version that supports a video camera, I can not wait to get my palms on this iPad.

Just one more powerful tool in the Chadology bag.

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