The Freedom to Choose Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 231

I am in my studio this week creating my amazing new product called The Digital Empire Academy. I am very excited about it and I know you will be as well. As I was thinking about the main outcome my clients would potentially receive from this product, the one that kept coming up was the freedom to choose.

I am grateful for living in a place that provides me freedom to choose. I was contemplating the various areas that impact our freedom and here are some that come to mind.

Freedom is our ability to:

  • Pick the location from which you want to work
  • Decide when to work
  • Determine what we want to work on
  • Choose with whom we want to work
  • Control our financial condition
  • Influence our destiny
  • Choose our spouse or partner
  • Attend our place of worship
  • Navigate the life we want
  • Impact the lives of others
  • Pursue our passions
  • Create our legacy

Identify the value you provide others that enables them to gain the ultimate freedom to reach their dreams.

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