The Dream Has Become a Reality

It all started with a dream six years ago. Here is the brief conversation I had with Alan Weiss:

Chad: “I have this amazing idea of creating an online community that enables us (24×7) to communicate with you and each other.”

Alan: “This sounds quite interesting and appealing to me. Let me talk to Maria (my wife) about it.”

Chad: “I just realized that I’ve made a terrible mistake.”

Alan: “What’s that?”

Chad: “I’ve come to realize that I am not talking to the economic buyer!”

A few hours later, an email received from Alan saying: “Let’s Rock!” So Alan and I put our heads together, discussed it strategically and tactically and 45 days later the dream has become a reality and with it, an amazing transformation of my life and business.

So a huge thank you to you Alan and this amazing community of colleagues, clients and wonderful friends, for making this a remarkable, uplifting and inspirational journey.

And of course a huge thank you to my wife, Laurel, and my awesome family.


p.s. and finally, for my outstanding business team.

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