The Digital Empire Success Wheel Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 274

In order to strengthen your global digital empire creation® and thought leadership, there are six key areas I encourage you to focus on:

  1. Products — The creation of membership sites, online courses, workshops and mastermind groups. This also applies to your services.
  2. Publishing — Sharing your insights in articles, newsletters, blogs and online communities.
  3. Books — Compiling your knowledge and publishing in books and booklets both digital and paper.
  4. Podcasts — Sharing your wisdom through audio recordings and distributing through your site and other audio channels.
  5. Process Visuals — Showcasing your knowledge, explanation and recommendations through graphic images of diagrams and infographics since a powerful image could take the place of a thousand words.
  6. Videos — Sharing your intellectual property through the use of video recordings and distributing through your site and other video channels.

I’ve created the visual you see on the screen to illustrate this concept.

To leverage and increase your success for each of the 6 areas above, I recommend you identity the following four actions for each:

  1. Ideation — What is the remarkable idea you about to embarked upon and how will it help and transform your audience?
  2. Creation — Schedule the time to create your idea and bring it to fruition.
  3. Marketing — Identify the marketing initiatives to get your audience to discover and desire your creations and their need to own them.
  4. Monetization — What are the ways you should consider implementing to monetize your ideas and creations?

If you still have any doubts, just explore and review some of the top successful global leaders and you would sure to notice how they all dominate their niches in these areas and action steps. It’s your turn now!

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