The Challenging Client Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue No. 69



This week’s reflection point: You probably thinking, “is he talking about me?” No, I am not. I am talking about them.

I recently spoke with one of my clients who shared with me that if her site is not perfect, it impacts her self-esteem. I suggested that her issues are not web-driven and perhaps she needs the help of a therapist. Other clients wanted us to change the size of the fonts by half a point and lighten the color. When I said to them that as an expert I can’t see the difference and it has no impact on their potential success, they claimed the difference is more than obvious to them.

We all have our share of challenging clients but let me suggest the following:

If you hire an expert, trust them to execute what they are best at and focus on what you do best.

The most successful clients we work with focus on the big picture and the strategy and do not waste their time and energy on miniscule items. I could make a case that this wasted energy actually derails one from achieving higher success.

This week’s tip: Rather than let your challenging clients become a frustration, show them and guide them that we, as experts, have their best interest at heart.

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