Struggling for New Ideas? Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 357

“Chad, I have no idea what to write about or what content to create. Where do you get your creative content creation ideas from?”

This is probably one of the most common questions I get from my clients and prospective clients as well as during my presentations.

During these live presentations I turn to the audience at one point and ask them to share their toughest challenges they wish they could overcome. I call it the “magic wand” wish. In other words, if they could wave that magic wand and resolve these challenges, what are the most challenging ones that come to mind? I then write them down on the flipchart, one by one, as they shout them out.

A few minutes later, when the flipchart is loaded with their challenges, I stop and say: “if you ever wonder where my great ideas come from, they come for you!”

A while back I wrote the article I Think I’ll Invent Something New – What Are the Best Ways of Developing New Ideas. This article provides many additional insights to stimulate your mind for new innovative ideas. Since the reaction to this article was so positive, I had my design team create the Where Do Ideas Come From? 21 Insights To Accelerate Your Creative Flow. infographic which visually summarizes these insights. I encourage you to review these. 

Your clients and prospective clients are the source for your most sophisticated ideas of which content to create as well as your future products and services. Just ask!

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