Staying On Top Of Your Game Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue No. 65


This week’s reflection point: Here are some ideas on how to improve the quality of our lives and businesses and make sure we stay on top of our game:

  1. Abundance thinking is about creating the life that constantly amazes you where you appreciate and cherish every moment. It’s about learning what to remove such as worries, negative thinking, excess baggage and even some people. It is also about knowing you always have the control to create more business or ideas even when you feel you are at a standstill or slump.
  2. Have the confidence in your willingness to take risks and try new things and stop worrying about what others are thinking.
  3. Surround yourself with the people, the environments and the clients you love that will propel you forward with enthusiasm.
  4. Don’t let fear or guilt mask your talent because you are always afraid and worried.
  5. Learn to be resilient and bounce back from setbacks or failures.
  6. Free up thinking time to innovate and create.
  7. Put yourself first so you can then help others.
  8. Want to receive great referrals? Help your clients with value and powerful results.
  9. Become THE expert in your field.
  10. Demonstrate and substantiate the fact that your clients are seeing significant higher growth percentages than those that are not your clients.
  11. Target the kind of buyers that not just want to buy from you, but the kind that can’t buy enough from you.
  12. Develop a high-end VIP option for your clients.

This week’s tip: Avoid boredom in your business. Evaluate the kind of projects that create the greatest fulfillment for you and the most remarkable results for your clients. When it comes to your life and business, are you having fun and enjoying yourself?

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