Speaking in New York

I just returned from my speaking trip to NYC where I presented to the Society of Advancement of Consulting® and the topic was “Blogs, bogs and fogs.” How to enhance perceived expertise, generate publicity effectively and passive income opportunities. Here are two critical sections of my presentation:

Components of a successful site:

  1. “In your face” effective, clear design and navigation with a strong value proposition and tag line.
  2. Provide value and be useful. Use articles, white papers, products …
  3. “Don’t make me think”
  4. Passive income products and services
  5. Secured shopping
  6. Easy way to contact you
  7. Strong calls to action on each page
  8. Focus calls to action on each page
  9. Focus on clients’ results & successes
  10. Incentives and registration to your newsletter
  11. Ability to search your own site
  12. Highway billboard home page concept with bug blocks and above the fold
  13. And your email signature of course

Calls to action:

  1. Contact us (call / email / fax)
  2. Sign up today
  3. Join our mailing list
  4. Purchase product / service
  5. Learn more
  6. Take survey
  7. Join our online forum
  8. Download article / white paper / MP3
  9. Request consultation / brochure
  10. Refer site / article to a friend
  11. Click here
  12. Learn more
  13. Explore further

Click here for the recap from the SAC® site.

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