Season of Joy Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 312

Season of Joy

It’s really cold outside, and fueled by the wind, the effect is truly bone chilling. But that doesn’t stop this Clevelander from enjoying the displays and frantic energy that abounds all around downtown as Laurel and I trekked around bundled up, with camera, zoom lenses and tripod. Surrounded by the ice skaters twirling, falling or just hanging onto railings for dear life, Cleveland residents and tourists leisurely strolled through the lit trees, twinkling arches and stopped to make memories on their cell phones posing in front of the giant Christmas illuminated trees on Public Square.

Repeatedly we were stopped and asked to take a photo on someone else’s cell phone, so families and friends could be captured together. One thing was clear, everyone was smiling and laughing, huddled together, unphased by the cold and darkness. It’s no coincidence that so many major religions celebrate festivals of light during the darkest months of the year. It gives us the opportunity to light up the world with hope of a brighter tomorrow for all people, everywhere.

At this season, I hope your families will be surrounded by warmth, love and light and may that bright spark continue to bring joy throughout the New Year ahead.

Best wishes and happy holidays to all my clients, friends and colleagues. Wishing you peace; at home, in your heart and in our world.

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