Scenes from the Million Dollar Club in Bora Bora 2010

Each year, our Million Dollar club, arranged and facilitated by my friend, mentor and client Alan Weiss, heads out to an exotic place somewhere on this planet to engage in stimulating discussions about our businesses. We then get to tough it out and have an amazing time together discussing life balance and the future of civilization over great wine and outstanding dining experiences.

This year we have selected the Four Seasons resort in Bora Bora which was just spectacular.

So allow me please to share with you this experience, through these amazing moments captured in these photos. What a great way to also look back at this year and say THANK YOU to all of you.

Happy New Year!


Here is the story told through photos, text and captions below:

After almost 24 hours since leaving home, getting ready to board our last segment on Air Tahiti to Bora Bora

The Four Seasons resort (bottom left in this photo) and our amazing suite awaits our arrival

The only way to get to the hotel from the airport is by using this water taxi, well swimming was out of the question at this point.

Checking into the Four Seasons resort

The gorgeous view and the resort reception area

This is home for the next week. The amazing view and the soothing sound of the water in the lagoon. This is my kind of "survivor" week! I am going to learn to tough this out

The astonishing view from our deck at sunset

This was our private island which was the standard view from the pool. Well the latter part of the sentence is accurate.

A night time view of the over water bungalow suites

There is a positive side to waking up at 4AM and being jet-lagged. You get some amazing photos before sun sunrise.

While anxiously waiting for the sunrise, I’ve noticed this bird at the corner of my deck, starring at the water. All of the sudden, it took off, dove into the water and was fortunate to get his meal.

Innocent fish gazing or getting ready for breakfast?

Breakfast it is!

And finally capturing the sunrise at the one end of my suite

Probably the water taxi transporting the amazing help staff at the resort

The sun is finally shining

Just another typical day

This is the view outside our bedroom door that we awoke to each day. How could you ever have a bad day?

It's time to check out the pool and our private island - The Mrs. and I.

One of the dedicated waitresses at the resort. I am told she won the local beauty contest.

My favorite exotic morning fruit.

Each day our group (Alan Weiss, Suzanne Bates, Chad Barr, Andrew Sobel, Rob Nixon, Michael Sheargold, Shane McLucas and the spouses) got together for our exhilarating brainstorming sessions. We explored and shared innovative ideas, existing and new intellectual property, future trends as well as discussed our evolving business models and how to dramatically improve what we do for our clients. What I’ve noticed is that after three years of being together, our group has reached a maturity level that allowed and enabled us to be direct with each other and “push” ourselves.

After our morning sessions, we spent our time bathing in the sun, more intellectual discussions in the pool or the beach, explored the amazing property or took the boat to the island across the lagoon for dinners:

Evening activities. Boat ride across the lagoon for dinners and discussions:

Alan and Maria Weiss

Chad and Laurel Barr

Suzanne and Drew Bates

Michael Sheargold and Shane McLucas

Andrew and Mary Jane Sobel

Rob Nixon, Michael Sheargold and Andrew Sobel

Our waitresses, or were they helping with the food preparation?

Just wanted to whet your appetite or perhaps mine

Local art at one of the restaurants

After dinner, on one of the return evening trips to the resort, I see Alan Weiss at the helm navigating our boat. It's good that we all had a bit of wine!

The reaction on my wife's face when she found out that Alan Weiss is in charge of navigating the boat at night

All things must come to an end to let in the greater things. It is departure time from this paradise on earth.

Catching the boat ride back to the airport

Spending the night in Papeete, Tahiti and one more sunset to capture before the night show and the flights back home

An amazing Polynesian show at the hotel the night before our departure

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