Requesting Testimonials – When and How?

One of the most effective ways of creating credibility on the web is through endorsements of others or clients testimonials. The reasoning behind this is quite simple; If I were to tell you how great my organization is, you may perceive it flamboyant, unlikely or perhaps even hyped. Yet if my client were to tell you the amazing results they’ve received by working with us, that is a proof!

For testimonials to be most effective, they should focus on dramatic results achieved rather than superfluous description of your personality or style of doing business. For example: “Chad’s has helped transform my brand and my organization and double my revenues” describes powerful and dramatic results vs. “Chad’s team is great to work with” which is quite weak in my opinion.

So when is the best time to ask for testimonials you ask?

  1. When your client shares with you the great results they achieved by virtue of working with you.
  2. When you read or hear about a great success or accomplishment you client has achieved.
  3. When you know your client is continually happy with your work.

Testimonials can be in writing, recorded as an audio segment, or as a video segment. If in writing, I prefer receiving them on my client’s business letterhead although at times I may receive them as an email or a short hand written note. When a client shares with me their success as it relates to my work with them, I thank them for sharing this with me and then I say: “Would you be kind enough to capture what you just shared with me on your letterhead and send it to me? It would mean the world to me.” Or, I may simply approach my client and say: “I know how thrilled you are with my organization, would you be kind enough to provide me with a testimonial?” When they agree I say: “May I share with you what would be extremely helpful for me?” I then request they focus and write about the impact on their organization and results achieved. When the opportunity presents itself, I also suggest you request a video testimonial instead or in addition to a written testimonial. If done right, they are extremely effective and powerful. Here are the three questions I usually ask when doing a video testimonial although many times I just focus on number 3 below:

  1. Please introduce yourself, your name, title and organization.
  2. What was the key challenge you were facing when we first started working together?
  3. What has been the biggest impact on your organization as a result of our working together?

Surprisingly, many do not ask for testimonials, either because they are ignorant, reluctant, or afraid of rejection. Over the years, I have encouraged my clients to contact their clients and ask for testimonials and the results have been outstanding and even surpassed my clients own expectations. How about you? How often do you ask for testimonials? Remember, if you don’t ask, the answer is always no.

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  1. It really never hurts to ask-I fully agree. Sometimes we become so caught up in the idea of creating a company image through description that we forget the best description of who our company is, is the success of our clients.

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