Reinventing Ourselves Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 480

Prior to building my Internet company, I ran a successful software development firm for nearly 30 years. Our prime focus was the development of software solutions known as Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP for distribution companies in the US as well as financial software solutions for nursing homes.

Several of our nursing home clients approached us and shared their interest in having us develop the software to handle the drug interaction for their residents. I accepted the challenge, yet, as we began our work on it, I came to realize that we were in over our heads as it was about to completely derail the focus of our company. I cut my losses and got out of it.

Several years later, when forced to constantly change our nursing home software due to constant change in government regulations, I decided to pull out of the nursing homes vertical market and focus merely on our distribution software, which was the right decision and provided ongoing success for me and my staff for nearly three decades.

As the internet quickly grew in strength and popularity, I recognized an incredible new opportunity and decided to enter the market of developing internet solutions for our clients. This decision was a successful one, and completely transformed our company’s focus from a software development firm to one that focuses on web and digital content development.

Yuval Noah Harari said: “The only way for humans to stay in the game will be to keep learning throughout our lives and to reinvent ourselves repeatedly.”

Often, we observe a successful individual or organization and wonder if they have achieved that success without much anguish. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. I realize that what I do today is profoundly different from what I did years ago.

Achieving success requires we constantly reinvent ourselves since it takes failures, corrections, innovation, evolution, and much perseverance along the way.

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