Who Is Quoting You? Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue No. 62

This week’s reflection point: If you look around you it’s hard not to notice the quoting phenomena. What I mean by this is the ever-growing trend of people quoting others. Whether reading a book, watching an interview, or visiting the various social media platforms, it’s ubiquitous. What makes it even more popular is our peer-pressure to “like” others’ postings. We have created a “like” society. For example, people like to shop where others “like” to shop, stay at hotels where others “like” to stay, and repost others’ quotes.

I don’t have an issue with this concept as long as they are quoting me! But seriously, why not quote yourself and create some new intriguing quotes that are uniquely yours. And while you are at it, incorporate them in your writing, collect them for future reference and share them with the world.

“Share others’ quotes and you are a content aggregator. Publish your own unique quotes and you are a thought leader.” Chad Barr

This week’s tip: Create a simple file that contains your distinctive quotes as well as archive them on your site or blog.

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