What’s Next? Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue No. 91

Raising the Barr is a weekly memo, which is always pithy, powerful and succinct. It focuses on innovative ideas by maximizing your life and business while leveraging strategy, content, technology and the web, to help you transform the success.

This week’s reflection point: When it comes to creativity and innovation, why is it that so many people start and stop continuously, like a sprinter? Or, they innovate and then, all of the sudden, everything comes to a screeching halt? I believe it all stems from the following reasons:

  1. Success which may be short lived
  2. Poor prioritization
  3. Business operation trumps creativity and innovation
  4. Feeling of being overwhelmed
  5. Focus derails from the goal and strategy
  6. Not recognizing one’s own value
  7. Procrastination and making excuses
  8. Laziness
  9. Distraction
  10. Fear

Most people that I meet have tremendous ideas, experiences and wisdom inside their heads. Yet, they do not let those ideas come out and manifest them consistently, effectively or abundantly.

So, whether it is about creating your next article, booklet, video subscription product, audio book, workshop, webinar, or new service, what are you innovating next?

Remember, it is not a sprint but a continuous journey of creation. If you stop creating and innovating, then you become stagnant and perish.

So what’s next for you: publish or perish?

Here is what’s next for us. We are showcasing major creation and innovation of:

  • Web presence (strategy, content and wow) implementations for many of our clients
  • eBooks and booklets design and creation
  • Videos creation and subscription services
  • Podcast channels
  • Process visuals
  • Much more

I am excited to announce that we will showcase and share all of these on our new upcoming web site www.TheChadBarrGroup.com, which is scheduled to debut on November 15th.

This week’s tip: Identify your next innovation and go create it.

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