Reporting from NSA 2013 Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue No. 30

This week’s reflection point: This week I had the pleasure of presenting two lectures at the National Speakers Association’s convention in Philadelphia. My topics were Digital Empire Creation and Million Dollar Web Presence. Here are a few of my key insights:

  • People are hungry for pragmatic and helpful advice in a variety of media content – Develop yours.
  • There is a lot of bad advice out there – Learn to discriminate and question what you read, hear and see.
  • There are talented and successful individuals who are committed to improve their clients and the world – Surround yourself with them.
  • There is a misconception out there that effective content creation is hard, takes a long time and is usually un-enjoyable. I demonstrated how to create effective content for a podcast and record it in less than 10 minutes – Avoid this misconception and excel.
  • I’ve heard an accomplished and successful speaker say that we are competing with others who offer free advice. I couldn’t disagree more. My perspective is that we are competing with either internal resources or great talent – Showcase yours.
  • Conventions such as this one are a great way to connect with clients, colleagues and friends, improve your own skills, share your knowledge with others, and acquire new business – Attend strategic events.
  • I come across too many speakers that have poor content on their site and are lacking powerful videos. If you are a speaker, create and leverage your videos profitably – Walk your talk.

This week’s tip: The most successful are go-getters. Are you pushing yourself to attend events and speaking at venues, which will improve your brand, get your name out there and ultimately increase your business?

This week’s bonus: Ever wonder how to make great videos?

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