Lights, Camera, Action! Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue No. 16

This week’s reflection point: Earlier this week I spent a day working in my studio with one of my clients on the creation of new video content. While taking a short break we talked about the value videos creation provides:

  • It pushes you to formulate new content and advances your creative thinking process.
  • It enables you to use a media that is not used by many.
  • It helps you think quickly on your feet and prepares you to answer questions in front of buyers, in presentations and TV interviewers.
  • It helps you create valuable content, which may be leveraged for a variety of purposes such as: strengthen pages on your site, in your newsletters, weekly or monthly video series, various products, promotions of eBooks, books and workshops, and online training to just name a few.
  • It strengthens your thought leadership.

When done right and with the help of an expert, not only will you be able to create wold-class content, but you will be amazed of the content revealed inside you.

This week’s tip: Schedule your next video shoot, prepare your thoughts, bring your A game, and use an expert. The results will amaze you and your clients.

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