Let Me See Your Calendar Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue No. 18

This week’s reflection point: Of all the projects you wish you had accomplished and have not yet, how many have you placed on your calendar to execute?

When talking with many of my clients, we often discuss the projects they want to accomplish in the immediate future. These projects fall into several categories such as: writing a book, creating a teleseminar series, writing the content for the launch of the new web site, or creating a new offering, to name a few. Many of these projects have been on their radar for quite some time but have not yet been started. When I ask them to show me their calendar and where these projects are, a sheepish grin appears on their face and then the light bulb goes on.

The key realization I have observed is the lack of a system to help move these projects forward. The solution, I believe, is quite simple and straightforward.

My recommendation is that you take your top three priorities, break them into action steps and then place these steps on your calendar. That’s assuming that you are prepared to use your calendar as your digital accountability partner. Once on the calendar, you must commit to execute each.

This week’s tip: Calendars are not just for remembering birthdays and anniversaries. Leverage yours wisely.

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