Know Thy Customer Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue No. 20

This week’s reflection point: What would driving be like without my SiriusXM radio in the car? There is nothing like blasting the speakers, while cruising in my convertible and admiring the beautiful scenery of lush green around me. And that is where my story begins.

Last year I replaced my BMW with my new Maserati — a great move. I quickly called SiriusXM to inquire if they can transfer my plan from one car to another. They told me that I had to cancel my plan for the one car and start a new plan for the other. So I did.

Shortly thereafter, I started getting promotional mail from them offering substantial discounts to renew the plan for the car I returned. At one point, I called to let them know I no longer own that car and to see if they can apply the promotion to my new car. No such luck and apparently my call had no impact on their marketing plans and the offers kept coming for a car I no longer own.

As I was reflecting on this, it was obvious that SiriusXM made two mistakes. First, they should have used the opportunity, when I called, to inquire about my satisfaction and offer something else of value. It would have made me, as a consumer, feel great. Second, they should have updated their database to reflect the fact that I no longer own that other car and to stop wasting trees for their constant snail mail promotions. In fact, it would have been wise of them to use the opportunity to update my product and mail preferences in their system.

Are you leveraging your technology to store important information about your clients to improve the service and value you provide them? Are you updating it when necessary to reflect their true needs and preferences?

This week’s tip: When communicating with your customers, why not store important information about them in your easily accessible system?


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