Inspiration At The Speed of Light Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue No. 64


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This week’s reflection point: As many of you know, early in my career I was a professional musician; playing, composing, entertaining and teaching guitar lessons. It was a surprise to me to learn that some of the world’s best compositions from some of the greatest musicians and artists took only minutes to create. Picasso often bragged of his quick drawing skills.

I’ve come to realize that the same applies to creating outstanding content. The best creation can take just a short time to invent and create. The truth is that what we spend our wheels turning and most of our time struggling with can easily become our worst creations.

Here is what I do to get inspired:

  1. Clear my head from the chatter
  2. Quickly review the recent issues my clients shared with me
  3. Scan my writing ideas database
  4. Reflect on what’s in the news that applies to my area of expertise
  5. Pick one topic, open my laptop and write
  6. Put the pressure on myself to wrap it up as quickly as possible
  7. Get it out there

That’s it. As simple as that. 10 minutes or less and another newsletter is born.

This week’s tip: I challenge you to cerate your next brilliant idea in less than 10 minutes. You may pleasantly surprise yourself.

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