Enslaved to What? Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue No. 12

This week’s reflection point: Monday morning, my wife and I were on our way to Orlando to celebrate the holiday of Passover with our children and grandchildren. These last two nights, along with families and friends all over the world, the story of the Hebrews’ exodus from Egypt was told in many languages, in dining rooms everywhere, just as it has for centuries.

While we are celebrating our freedom from Egyptian bondage and servitude, we were commanded to do so among guests, strangers, Jews and gentiles. We were instructed to let all who are hungry come and eat. At a time when so many of us enjoy luxuries as we fill our physical selves with delicacies, we are reminded that there are so many for which their next meal isn’t going to happen at any certain hour on the clock. For them, hunger is real, not a mid afternoon stomach growl as we reach for a snickers bar.

While we are celebrating our release from servitude from hard labor in the land of Egypt thousands of years ago, today, so many are still enslaved in other ways. Freedom is not always a choice but often we have constructive ways in which we can become disentangled from that which holds us captive.

As we were reflecting we started to discuss what we may be enslaved to and on the other hand how fortunate we are to have the choices of freedom.

To what are we enslaved?

  • Money or material wealth?
  • Poor choices regarding our health?
  • Physical or emotional pain?
  • Unhealthy relationships?
  • Technology and the Internet?
  • Finances?

We have the freedom to:

  • Make our own choices.
  • Spend time with people we love.
  • Choose the clients we love to work with.
  • Elect our government.
  • Travel globally.

It was only two thousand years ago when Moses summoned up the courage and stood before Pharaoh and demanded: “Let my people go!” Are there things in your life that you are subjugated to and therefore should let go?

This week’s tip: Summon up your courage and pick out one item that by this time next year you are no longer enslaved to. I already have.


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