Delight Your Customers Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue No. 9

This week’s reflection point: We all want loyal clients that are exciting to partner with and are a pleasure to work with. It is apparent to me that the key to attracting such clients depends on our ability to thrill them. Here are some of my ideas on how to delight your clients:

  • Deliver as promised. Have you delivered what you promised from the start and along the way?
  • Provide them with ongoing value, do something unexpected and raise the bar when possible. Why not share your best practices with them and offer your existing clients your best prices? Consider inviting them to a special event to improve their business or conduct a year-end business growth strategy session.
  • Be responsive. How quick are you addressing their ongoing and evolving needs?
  • Strengthen your trusting relationships. Are you recommending what’s in their best interest?
  • Challenge them. Are you coaching them to push the envelope while pushing your own?
  • Send them business. Help them increase their business by suggesting new potential clients.
  • Help them achieve dramatic results. Be an integral part of your client’s team and help them reach the dramatic outcomes and results they desire.

I suggest that following this list is not as easy as it looks. But doing so will gain clients for life, which in turn, will enrich you, your business and help create and strengthen some amazing friendships.

This week’s tip: Contact each of your clients and provide them with one new idea that will immediately help them grow.


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