Collective Wisdom Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue No. 8

This week’s reflection point: I am here in Naples, Florida, spending a couple of days with a group of 10 successful business colleagues from around the world. While here, we examine our businesses, share best practices, brainstorm and challenge ourselves to improve our lives, businesses and of course, that of our clients. Remarkable things take place when a group of smart people gets together and each raises the bar for the rest.

Here are a few of the concepts we discussed yesterday:

  • Create a powerful, captivating and irresistible first impression message that you may use in discussions with clients and prospective clients. Mine may be that rather than focusing on your web site first, the most successful have outlined their business and Internet strategy first, then identified what their remarkable content should look like. Then, start focusing on their site as one of the platforms to engage their customers.
  • To create these powerful impressions, provoke with value, support with visuals, push back on conventional thinking and clarify with metaphors.
  • This may sound obvious but to reduce labor intensity, stop doing so much. A high percentage of projects’ labor intensity is for us and not for the clients.
  • Create a scarcity mindset. It is ok to be hard to get. Clients prefer to with highly successful people who are experts in high demand.
  • Create unique assessments around your brand that become the baseline to measuring and improving success in your area of expertise. This assessment will enable your clients to measure themselves and determine where they are in comparison to others and chart their way to improved success.

I have come to realize that surrounding myself with extremely successful and exciting people enables me to stimulate my thinking, become a better businessman, and improve myself, which translates into improving my clients.

Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.

This week’s tip: Why not start by approaching a few individuals you admire and create a mastermind group that meets with regularity, challenges the members of the group and holds each other accountable?


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