Caveat Emptor Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue No. 17

This week’s reflection point: I’d like to bring to your attention one of the most irritating Internet ploys, which pretends to position itself as a benefit to its members. I’ve been a member of LinkedIn, the business social networking platform, and for years have leveraged it to build genuine connections with colleagues and clients worldwide. Several moths ago I noticed a new trend through LinkedIn, which is their “endorsement” feature. Unlike testimonials, which increase our credibility and enable our clients to genuinely share their experience of working with us, endorsements enable others to “categorize” our areas of expertise.

Seems innocent, right? The fact is that such endorsements are coming from connections that have never done business with us and do not know us, or the quality of our work. So in sense, LinkedIn has created a feature that artificially boosts up our ranking, pretends to position us as experts and often in areas that have nothing to do with our core expertise.

This, like an amateur digital stamp collection is worthless.

This week’s tip: Beware: Not all shiny objects are as bright as they seem. Closer inspection is required.

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