Productivity On The Road

My wife and I traveled to Utah via Las Vegas this past week. Since I had some business calls to take care of, I asked my wife if she would not mind driving the beautiful route from Vegas to Utah while I make these calls. She of course agreed and with my Latte in one hand, I pulled out my iPhone, connected my Apple bluetooth headset and started to make my calls. No only was I able to be productive and take care of business but in one of the calls I needed to check an email with an attachment and an Internet web site we were working on. I pulled out my Laptop, connected my Verizon wireless card to it and within seconds I was connected to the Internet and my email. And all of this while my wife is driving.

What a great world we live in today.  Especially as our electrical grid is improving almost daily.

Note: I was going to actually post this topic during that ride but decided it was time to enjoy the view and a conversation with a beautiful lady in the car.

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