Podcasts, videos and free stuff ‘key to online success’

This article was originally written and posted on 10. Dec, 2012 by Halina St James,  founder of Podium Media & Communications Coaching, reports from the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers’ annual convention in Winnipeg.

Are you relentless in giving away good stuff? You should be, according to Chad Barr. Chad creates software and internet solutions to help businesses find online success.

Chad is soft spoken, low key and modest. But when he spoke at the CAPS convention, everyone paid close attention. And his workshop was jammed. Here are just some of his tips:

  • Get an iTunes channel. iTunes is quickly becoming the largest repository for content. Put your podcasts on it
  • Get a Youtube Chanel. Put your videos on it.
  • Build your database. Get it up into the thousands.
  • Be consistent and relentless in putting out free content through videos, blogs, newsletters, books, CDs, podcasts, webinars, teleseminars.

Online marketing expert Chad Barr with Halina St James

Barr says we should stay current by packaging some of our material in video books. After you’ve written an eBook, insert clickable video segments in the table of contents. When the client clicks the chapter heading, they see a video with you explaining what they’re about to read. Barr suggests making a couple of the chapter videos free to encourage people to buy the rest of the book. Of course, you can also insert videos into the body of the book.

Barr says we should always remember content is king on a website. But we need to remember that people consume information in different formats. So give them great content, repurpose it into different formats and let them choose their delivery method.

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