Million Dollar Web Presence – My New Book

I am delighted to share with you that I have just completed the writing of my new book Million Dollar Web Presence – Leverage technology to build your brand and transform your business, which I am co-authoring with my great friend, colleague and partner, Dr. Alan Weiss. This took five months to complete, will be published by Entrepreneur Press and is expected to hit the stores by March 2012. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements, excerpts from the book and remarkable new ideas, to help you transform your business.

Million Dollar Web Pressence

Million Dollar Web Pressence Book Cover

0 thoughts on “Million Dollar Web Presence – My New Book

  1. saw your book advertised in entrepreur magazine and it looked interesting. Full page ad said “Available everywhere books and ebooks are sold” and then listed the web site

    unfortunately, i search amazon book store (from kindle fire) and then went to…both said not book by that title was found/available.

    no big deal, just thougth you should know.

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