Making This world a Better Place By Growing Communities

“Use Your Electricity For More Than Light” said an ad that ran in the Sears catalog in 1917. When talking about Internet strategies in the various speeches I deliver, I refer to the idea of the Internet of today as the light bulb of 100 years ago. It is obvious that we barely are scratching the surface of all the potential that is available. What is even more exciting are the technologies yet be invented in years to come and their enormous applicability to our personal and business life.

One such phenomenon is the popularity and growth of social networking web sites. These web sites are places, primarily for individuals of all ages, who are looking to learn and share their interests and get in touch with people all over the world. What makes the web so perfect for this to work is ease of joining such networks, its availability which is 24 x 7 and the frequent access to great minds.

According to comScore, 155 million users visit such sites each day! Sites such as ClassMates, MySpace, FaceBook, LinkedIn, NewsCorp and eBay to name a few.

My organization has also been involved in implementing and building such communities. One such example, of a very exciting and successful community, is the one we’ve done for Alan’s Forums. It is a place attracting the smartest of consultants from all over the world who join for debate, networking and ideas exchange. The other, Substance & Forum, is a new community we are getting ready to launch which attracts the elite of tax mind in this country.

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