Looking back, looking forward Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 296

Photo by: Chad Barr

This Sunday evening, we will usher in the Jewish New Year 5779. I will have the privilege of joining my wife in leading worship services, accompanying her on guitar. One of the highlights of this service is hearing the sounds of the shofar, the ram’s horn; 100 blasts in all!

It is a time for us to be awakened by the sounds, and to look inward at our deeds and our actions over the past year. As we reflect, we notice where we have fallen short, where we were just adequate and most of all, where we can improve.

With time to reflect, I acknowledge that, no matter how well things are going, there’s always more that I can do. Striving to be more compassionate to those who are struggling or facing challenges in business or personally, to listen better, and ultimately, reach out to those in need, without judgment, in our world fraught with division, strife and troubles.

Indeed, there is plenty to agonize over but there is so much good out there too. I look forward to sharing the successes and challenges that may come our way as I reach out with more strength, conviction and gratitude in this New Year.

Happy New Year!


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