It’s a New Day Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 201

It’s a new day.

I know that because just like all other days the sun rose in the east this morning and is now setting in the cloudy skies of the west. I would be remiss if I overlooked the news of this new day that after a long and contentious, gut wrenching process, we have elected a new President and leader of the greatest nation on earth.

I myself am an immigrant, having arrived here 38 years ago, with $50 in my pocket and virtually no command of the English language. I learned to speak and read English; I studied, I practiced, and succeeded in my career. I never gave up the lifelong dream of my youth.

It doesn’t matter which side of the election you were on as passions ran high and took us all on this frenzied ride. What does matter today, is our passion and commitment to continue building bridges, strengthening our resolution to create the society that keeps this nation the great beacon of hope, light and opportunity that America represents. In business, as in our personal lives, challenges arise that tempt us with fear and anxiety, but we see the bigger and greater picture.

I pledge to make my business relationships even stronger, provide the greatest and most cutting edge products and service, and forge ahead creating new alliances and partnerships as I move ahead.

This country has been and always will be great in my book. It will continue to provide opportunities for us, challenges to overcome and the hope for a brighter tomorrow. I welcome each new day.

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