Is Your Site Attracting The Right Candidates?

I was interviewed by Roberta Matuson for her article, Your Company Website: What Does it Say to Job Seekers? that was published on Monster. Below are the three questions I was asked and my complete answers:

What are three things you believe are most important, as it relates to websites, when it comes to attracting candidates to your organization?

  1. Credibility – The site must to come across as credible and also by portraying it to be the place of a world-class organization. This starts with effective design and navigation and continues with the use of written and video testimonials by staff members making it obvious that this organization is simply remarkable to work for.
  2. Technology – Make it obvious that your corporate site strongly conveys the fact that your organization is committed to advanced technologies and the use of the web and social media. This will help attract candidates who want to associate themselves with such organizations.
  3. Ease of use – Your site should make it extremely easy to inquire about jobs, easily search and find the individuals to contact  and submit such requests digitally. I’d be remised not to mention that your reply responsiveness makes a huge impact on the way your are being perceived by your candidates.
  4. (bonus point) Build a database of candidates that makes it easy for you to stay in touch with them and keep them aware of opportunities within your organization.

What are some common mistakes you see companies make when you view their websites? Please respond to this question from the point of view of a company trying to attract workers.

  1. They jump into random implementation of tactics before identifying their strategy first.
  2. Old and outdated – Site comes across as one from the dinosaurs age.
  3. Lack of dynamic interaction – Asking candidates to mail or fax their resume and supporting documents rather than allowing such to be submitted digitally online.
  4. No Human Resource focus – Does your site have a strong section devoted to attracting the right talent? Most organizations have no such section or if such exists, it is extremely weak. On the other hand, imagine visiting a site that is exciting to navigate, dynamic and vibrant. Where opportunities are posted in a language that is enthusiastic and inviting. Where videos of management and various team members invite the “right” candidate to join this amazing team. Where it is obvious that the site is the “face” of the current and future place to be and the place to belong.
  5. The organization is not committed to the use of social media, blogs and other tools. These tools, if used properly, become the dynamic interaction between the organization, its staff, customers, partners, media, and such. If you aren’t taking your site seriously, why should others?

Where does SEO come into play? Does it really matter or is your time and money best spent on a quality website and new content?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is only one aspect of marketing, which is used to create the proper attraction of the right candidates. If should be evaluated with other marketing elements and complement the overall business and Internet strategy.

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