Insights Are All Around Us Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 209

I was reviewing my night photos I captured from some of my recent trips to San Diego, Orlando and Santa Monica. What jumped out at me were some life and business insights that I gleaned from these images and realized that these insights are all around us. We must simply heighten our senses and learn from our surroundings.

Here are some of what I saw in the pictures and how I see them apply to life and business:

  1. Beauty – When passion is an integral part of our business and our life, beauty then is evident.
  2. Congruency – We further thrive and improve our success when all the pieces of the puzzle are in balance and harmony.
  3. Strategy – How would you paint a picture of success? The answer to this question is your strategy.
  4. Tactics – The action steps require to execute towards our strategy.
  5. Planning – How, will you execute your tactics to reach your strategy? When will each step be done, who will do it and where?
  6. Creativity – It’s our ability to create new offerings of value that make us attractive and irresistible in the eyes of our clients.
  7. Mystery – There is such an element as we forecast into the future, create new offerings or penetrate new markets.
  8. Story – What is the one you tell yourself and the one you share with the world?
  9. Surprise – What has surprised you and how prepared were you when it happened?
  10. Reflection – How often do you have the opportunity to reflect? Hopefully, very often.
  11. Evolution – Do you reinvent yourself and your business consistently? What are the new things you are doing now that you have not done just a few years ago?
  12. Wow – Does your business create such experiences and results for your clients?
  13. Spirituality – Photography has allowed me to refine my creative eye, create interesting adventures, stimulate my senses, provide me with thinking time, meet interesting people and strengthen my spiritual connection.

Open your eyes and observe your surroundings. What do you see? What insights have you concluded? What will you share? It’s your turn now.

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