How To Create Effective Client Video Testimonials

One of the most effective ways to create credibility on the web is by showcasing your client testimonials through videos. When given the opportunity, I highly recommend you do so and even invest in a professional videographer.

Here are my recommendations:

Keep the testimonial short (preferably 90 seconds or less). If there is one key question you want your client answering it is: “What was the biggest impact on their business or life as a result of your involvement?”

If you can keep them short, have the customer also:

  1. Introduce themselves by stating their name, title and organization.
  2. Mention what was the key challenge they were facing that caused them to hire you.
  3. Articulate why they have chosen you.
  4. Discuss the impact or outcome on their business as a result of your involvement.

What have you found effective in order to solicit testimonials? Please leave your comment here

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