How serious are you about your business?

We get many inquiries over the web, via email, the phone and regular mail, from people interested in our products and services. Here are some of the more amateurish mistakes people make:

1. No contact information such as address and phone number in their email signature. See my email signature example here.

2. No contact information such as phone number or address on their web site. View our web site and notice the bottom of each page.

3. No easy to find “contact us” tab on their web site.

4. Request that we contact them, yet leave a phone number that does not exist or a bogus email.

5. They seem to have an established organization yet they are using emails that do not end with their company’s domain name. Example: Jim who works at an established company that has a web site with the URL of: yet he sends his emails from [email protected] or [email protected] rather than from his own domain such as [email protected] Why advertise someone’s else company rather than yours?

If you are making these mistakes, you are not serious about your own business.

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