How Provocative Is Your Content?

Years ago when Chad first started to use Facebook, he asked this question on his Facebook wall: “Is anyone seriously reading or even paying attention to these silly status messages?” A few minutes later, his nephew from Australia replied: “That is what we live for!” Although probably a humorous but sad commentary of what may epitomize the trivial interest level of Facebook members, it also made us wonder, could it be that some are looking for quick, stimulating interesting and provocative ideas to interact with or reflect upon or is it possible that they have nothing better to do? Let us share with you some conceptual differences between such posts and ours. Here is a random and quick sample of some of the posts on our Facebook walls today and please keep in mind that these are from entrepreneurs and service providers:

  • Thinking of taking surfing lessons later this week. Been watching them and I think I can do it!
  • Eating healthy, went for a brisk walk.
  • Missed my flight this morning for the first time in about 9 years..
  • Oooommm …. “I love my life.” “I love my life.” “I LOVE MY LIFE!” Repeat this all day long to yourself & out loud to others. Wishing you a peacefully & delightfully glorious Tuesday.
  • Do something amazing today!
  • This quote hit me between the eyes so I have to share it…
  • “He that would live in peace and at ease, must not speak all he knows, nor judge all he sees.” – Benjamin Franklin
  • View from my coaching room – Just counted 19 bunnies!
  • Marketing contest is underway. The votes are fascinating. I love seeing the numbers and what people think. Check out my blog or search on FB.

On the other hand, here is a quick sample of some of the posts from Chad Barr and Alan Weiss:

  • Language controls discussions, discussions control relationships, relationships control business. Watch your language. Below is an example of how this thought has stated to generate a discussion.
  • Confront, don’t enable, poor behavior: “You’ve cancelled 3 meetings at the last minute. I can’t work with you if you do that.”
  • Effective Podcasting. Ever wonder? Listen now:
  • In first 2 minutes of your speech, audience determines to what extent they’ll listen to the rest.
  • Changing Your Small Talk to Big talk
  • Requisites for newcomer to consulting: High self-esteem, six months of expenses in bank.
  • How to Handle Objections:
  • Requisites for veterans in consulting: Building brand, becoming IP, thinking big.
  • Viral marketing incorporates exponential power by leveraging the web, people & your outstanding content
  • How easy is it to contact you? Just had to call a colleague but no phone # on his site or email signature!
  • How frequently do you have something new to say? Increase your success by saying something unique & often.

Our recommendation is that you ought to consider how unique, qualitative and provocative your posts are. Notice also our incorporation of powerful hyperlinks to the proper landing pages on our sites. And finally, if you are attempting to strengthen your thought leader position, why not demonstrate original thoughts and quote yourself and not others.

This is an excerpt from my new and upcoming book Million Dollar Web Presence Leverage technology to build your brand and transform your business, which I am coauthoring with Dr. Alan Weiss and which will be published by Entrepreneur Press.

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